Call of Duty: Ghosts


Hey. There’s a new Call of Duty coming up. I know, I know. But hey at least it’s not Modern Warfare anymore. Well, we all know that this is going to rake in lots of cash anyway and a lot of people are familiar with the franchise, so here’s my thoughts about the teaser trailer that they’ve just released.

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Watch Dogs Out of Control Trailer


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“They think I’m a man out of control, but I’ve never had so much control.”

Those are the words of Aiden Pearce, the main protagonist of Ubisoft’s upcoming, new, open-world game Watch_Dogs. If you haven’t heard of this game yet, it’s set in Chicago, where the main character is able to hack into every electronic device in the city through his smartphone. I have never heard of a concept as crazy and as feasible as this.

I’m getting a hang of this trailer breakdowns

The Evil Within Analysis


Apparently, Shinji Mikami who is the genius behind great horror games like the first two Resident Evil games, is repopularizing the survival horror genre. We all know what happened to Resident Evil now, and Mikami-san doesn’t seem to be very happy about it. That’s why he plans on making his last directorial work a comeback to the presently-ignored genre in video games in the form of The Evil Within.

It could be a classic

Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection Review

Missing the PS2 was one of my biggest regrets in life because there seemed to be a lot of stellar games that released for it. Thankfully, a lot of the games in the library are being ported to the Playstation 3, and some are even getting the remaster treatment. Ico and Shadow of the Colossus are two games that deserved to be seen again in HD, and I was grateful to have played these two games.

Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection Cover Art

Everything is huge

Red Dead Redemption Review

Howdy. Red Dead Redemption must be one of your favorite games. No? Well, that’s odd because it’s one of the best open-world games I’ve had in a while. Rockstar Games always had a reputation for creating huge sandbox worlds, and I can say that the world and story of RDR is the best from Rockstar that I’ve had so far.

Revolvers and scars make any man macho

Revolvers and scars make any man macho

Revolvers and Horses

L.A. Noire Review

A face is no more than an unmoving mask in games. Some game characters would talk, but only their mouths move and the rest of their head just stays as it is like a slab of porcelain. More and more developers have been trying to change this, but none nailed it quite like Team Bondi and their MotionScan Technology.

Have you tried L.A. Noire? This noir-detective game is the first I’ve played of its kind, and thankfully it is a wonderful memory.


I think holding a gun like that is dangerous…

How’s it like to be the police for once?