The Charm of Open World Games


I’ve been to Los Angeles. I’ve been to Hong Kong. I’ve been to Mexico. I’ve been to Los Angeles when cellphones didn’t exist and telephones only had 3 numbers. I’ve robbed a bank. I’ve protected a bank from a robbery. I’ve caught a liar doing his thing. I’ve aided rebels on a revolution. I drove a 10-wheeler.

Open World or “Sandbox” games are the best. You have freedom to go where you want and do whatever. These kind of games won’t force you to do this while you want to do that; you choose whether to enjoy the story or have fun destroying the city. You are your own master.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on the PSP was the first sandbox game I’ve ever played; quite a different genre than the RPG that I was accustomed to. As Tommy Vercetti, I was a criminal, but I am a normal citizen as I walked Vice City. I took part in drug deals and assassinations, but I also made 360 flips with cars and used a panzer to blast the city to dust while viewing the beautiful sunset. Good story and a great setting. GTA 4 is even better.

After that I haven’t had much sandbox games until I got a PS3. First open-world game I played on it was a post-apocalyptic shooter: Fallout 3. It was a really awesome game and it was actually one of the few that made me play to the end twice. I hated repetition in games, and fortunately no two playthroughs of Fallout are the same.

The next one after that is L.A. Noir. This is my kind of setting and I don’t know why, but the 40’s just makes me feel at home. I was a soldier turned detective, and there were pretty good concepts for this game. The game wouldn’t have worked without the studio’s great technology though.

I played lots of games in other genres after that, but one particular title is getting lots of buzz so I decided to try it out for myself. Sleeping Dogs was a new IP that was said to be a GTA clone, but even if it was a clone I’d say it wasn’t half bad. It was easily one of my GOTY.

My most recent game finished is Red Dead Redemption. The Wild West never appealed to me until I got a look at this game. Suddenly, cowboys, revolvers, and lassos are cool stuff to me, plus the story was one of the best I’ve had in a while.

I feel like I’ve already seen a lot of different places thanks to these games. There are still many titles out there that I really want to try out already like Assassin’s Creed, Infamous, and more. I’m particularly interested in wandering Japan by playing Yakuza. They say that that series copies real world locations Japan so playing it is like a tour of the Land of the Rising Sun. Skyrim would have also been a great game for me, but they say it’s too buggy to enjoy on a PS3 😦

Sandbox/Open World games are definitely my thing and the genre I am least likely to get bored of or leave unfinished. I wonder what really is the best Open World game out there?


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