The Evil Within Analysis


Apparently, Shinji Mikami who is the genius behind great horror games like the first two Resident Evil games, is repopularizing the survival horror genre. We all know what happened to Resident Evil now, and Mikami-san doesn’t seem to be very happy about it. That’s why he plans on making his last directorial work a comeback to the presently-ignored genre in video games in the form of The Evil Within.

Known as Psychobreak in Japan, The Evil Within is a completely new IP to be directed by Shinji Mikami, developed by Tango Games, and published by Bethesda. The plot seems to revolve around a Detective who was attacked in the middle of a gruesome mass murder and thrown into a different world with humanoid, bloodthirsty monsters.

There is one trailer released for the game and here is my amateur analysis for it:

Based entirely from the title alone, this game is about battling the inner demons of man, or confronting his fears. It seems to be taking place inside a clinic or perhaps an asylum, where a man is creating barbed wires to the tune of instrumental music. Time setting could be somewhere around 1950’s based on the voxophone and the black and white photo of a lady.

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The recurring symbolism here is the barbed wire. In the middle of the trailer, the man cuts his hand and the blood drops onto the black and white picture. The barbed wire could mean that the man is keeping something out, or suppressing something inside of him. It could also be used in something ritualistic. The man could be doing human sacrifice to revive the woman in the photo, and the plot enforces this theory.

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As a detective who is thrown into a different realm, this could mean that combat (if there is any) would be more melee-focused. Also, as this is a survival-horror genre, it could also mean that these enemies are undefeatable with tools or weapons alone so you would have to use the environment to get them out of your way. There are only a few kinds of enemies shown in the trailer, so we may expect this to be a “Enemy Bosses-only” game where you will only be encountering less than 10 special enemies throughout the game and no cannon fodder like weak ghouls or stuff like that. Each monster to be encountered will result in pure horror.

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The game is set to be released in 2014, so prepare yourself for some nightmares.


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