Watch Dogs Out of Control Trailer


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“They think I’m a man out of control, but I’ve never had so much control.”

Those are the words of Aiden Pearce, the main protagonist of Ubisoft’s upcoming, new, open-world game Watch_Dogs. If you haven’t heard of this game yet, it’s set in Chicago, where the main character is able to hack into every electronic device in the city through his smartphone. I have never heard of a concept as crazy and as feasible as this.




From the way he moves, he seems to be a former military or elite agent. He is able to use parkour, knows how to use guns, good in close quarters combat, and can discern if a civilian is in danger of, say, being mugged. He is described in the electronic profiler as a “Street Smart and Social Engineer.”



And a mild fashionista



The full trailer is in game footage. Notice how the baton buries in the guy’s forehead.

This seems like a vengeance game. Someone close to him died because of the government. They “crossed the line,” and now he’s going to bring down whoever ‘they’ are because of it.



No indication yet of who it might be.

I read somewhere that there’s going to be no story in this game and that you’re free to roam the city and do whatever you want. That however, would not be fun. I believe it is not like the other open-world games where you’ll have to go to a certain place to be able to activate a mission. In any of the trailers, it doesn’t show any hideouts for Aiden Pearce, so he must be always on the go, and receives objectives through his phone. You are not a mercenary or anything, and you work only for yourself, so NPCs would act more like supports rather than people to follow orders from.

What would be nice for to see for this game, is ‘real failure’ in missions. That is, if you are not able to complete an objective, then you cannot redo the mission and the story will branch of into a different direction, but on your second playthrough, then you can choose to redo the mission or move along with the story. This is a sure way to increase the game’s replayability.


2 thoughts on “Watch Dogs Out of Control Trailer

  1. No.There will be a story.The E3 demo showed that he had a ‘friend’ and planned to use himself as a bait to kill a target as a way of sending a message to ‘them’.So,the demo proves that there will be a story.The last PS4 footage showed what elements there are when u r free roaming.

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