Call of Duty: Ghosts


Hey. There’s a new Call of Duty coming up. I know, I know. But hey at least it’s not Modern Warfare anymore. Well, we all know that this is going to rake in lots of cash anyway and a lot of people are familiar with the franchise, so here’s my thoughts about the teaser trailer that they’ve just released.

For one, it’s a very long teaser trailer, with a running time of 1 minute and 24 seconds. Other teasers are usually just half a minute long, but this one just had too many unnecessary elements in it. This is the exact opposite of ‘going straight to the point.’ Based from the title, the new CoD game will try to focus more on stealth and subtlety. You don’t see ghosts in the open, right? There you go.

The first 54 seconds were spent showing warrior masks from different cultures ranging from Roman to Tribal to Samurai.






With vague shots of somebody painting a mask with white.


I guess you could say it’s the story before the punchline, but said punchline was weak. The last few seconds showed this group of modern day soldiers…


… and emphasizing on a single soldier, who I guess is codename ‘Ghost’ from the Modern Warfare series.


I was thinking that maybe CoD will get a reboot and turn into a stealth game, but the other soldiers were armed with guns that are definitely not for silent operations. Those guns are noisy as hell.

The shot was dark at the beginning, but Ghost opened up a flare something (forgot what it was called) and fully showed his face.


I guess they’d try to put in a meaningful backstory for the main character so the players can empathize with him. Then kill him at the end, but he still has some unfinished business here on Earth so he returns as a ghost and decides that he would suicide bomb the terrorists for a change but he can’t because he’s already a ghost. No, but yeah, there’ll be some kind of back story.

Then he pushes down the mask to say that he’s going on duty for your sake. Rather the exact words were:

There are those who wear masks to protect themselves, and there are those wear masks to protect us all.

There will be merchandise, I assure you.

There will be merchandise, I assure you.

Then the Pre-order Now scene goes up. Which is weird because I thought this is just a teaser trailer.

I’m guessing that this will be a modern day setting, possibly against the same enemies as in Modern Warfare. The difference is that there will be more subtlety in this game, and that there will be more co-op missions than in other CoD games. I’m basing all of these from the teaser, so expect most of these to be wrong 😛


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