Hi and welcome to DualShockMate! This blog is ‘chopped’ off of jeepney psychology, a separate blog that I am maintaining. To keep my main blog from getting out of focus (although I’m not sure what that blog’s topic focus really is), I exported the Tech and Gaming posts into this new blog, and all future posts that fit in that category will be published here from this moment forth.

DualShockMate, as hinted by the title, will be focusing on games that are on the Playstation platform as it is my preferred (and sadly, only available) console since I got my PS1 when I was 8 years old. I may also occasionally talk about PC and Mobile games if I finish any. Sadly, I don’t have the budget to be called a techno-geek, but I will also be voicing out opinions about the latest gadgets that I hear of.

If you consider yourself to be a pinoy, a gamer, a writer, and a good samaritan, maybe you can contact me and help me out to run this blog.

Thanks and enjoy your read!


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