Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection Review

Missing the PS2 was one of my biggest regrets in life because there seemed to be a lot of stellar games that released for it. Thankfully, a lot of the games in the library are being ported to the Playstation 3, and some are even getting the remaster treatment. Ico and Shadow of the Colossus are two games that deserved to be seen again in HD, and I was grateful to have played these two games.

Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection Cover Art

Everything is huge


The Charm of Open World Games


I’ve been to Los Angeles. I’ve been to Hong Kong. I’ve been to Mexico. I’ve been to Los Angeles when cellphones didn’t exist and telephones only had 3 numbers. I’ve robbed a bank. I’ve protected a bank from a robbery. I’ve caught a liar doing his thing. I’ve aided rebels on a revolution. I drove a 10-wheeler.

How the hell?

Red Dead Redemption Review

Howdy. Red Dead Redemption must be one of your favorite games. No? Well, that’s odd because it’s one of the best open-world games I’ve had in a while. Rockstar Games always had a reputation for creating huge sandbox worlds, and I can say that the world and story of RDR is the best from Rockstar that I’ve had so far.

Revolvers and scars make any man macho

Revolvers and scars make any man macho

Revolvers and Horses

L.A. Noire Review

A face is no more than an unmoving mask in games. Some game characters would talk, but only their mouths move and the rest of their head just stays as it is like a slab of porcelain. More and more developers have been trying to change this, but none nailed it quite like Team Bondi and their MotionScan Technology.

Have you tried L.A. Noire? This noir-detective game is the first I’ve played of its kind, and thankfully it is a wonderful memory.


I think holding a gun like that is dangerous…

How’s it like to be the police for once?

Grand Theft Auto 4 Review

I’ve had a wild ride through Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto 4. Wasted a lot of bullets, wasted a lot of cars, wasted myself a few times while trying to go on a mission without some body armor or a trusty RPG. There are a lot of sandbox games out there and Grand Theft Auto is probably the most popular. The map is so huge that I find myself frequently riding cabs on my way to a mafia family or to a friend who has invited me to go on a Heli ride. While being known for putting you in the shoes of a criminal, the game has a story that will make you want to rush to the ending, then make you feel sad after the credits roll because you know that that’s the end of it. It’s the same feeling you get after the end of a really awesome movie, but after spending 50+ or more hours in this game, the impact is just stronger.

Bullet Review: Resident Evil 6

Hindi ko alam kung para saan yung mga sapot, wala namang gagamba sa game?

Hindi ko alam kung para saan yung mga sapot, wala namang gagamba sa game?

Kakatapos ko lang ng Resident Evil 6 nung isang araw. Sayang at maraming tao ang ayaw sa larong to, ang ganda pa naman.

Actually kaya ayaw dito ng mga fans dahil hindi na daw siya survival horror at action game na siya. Kung hardcore fan ako ng Resident Evil series, siguro ay ganito din ang magiging reaction ko, pero dahil sa Resident Evil 4 ako nagsimula, parang okay lang ang gameplay sa akin.

Maraming nagsasabi na RE 4 daw ang pinakamaganda sa buong series. Sobrang daming pinagbago na ibang iba na siya sa mga naunang games, pero survival horror pa rin na may konting action.

Nung lumabas yung RE 5, dun na nagsimulang mabahala ang mga tao na parang nag-iba na raw si Resident Evil at hindi na siya ang game na naaalala niya nung kabataan niya. Maliwanag na sa panglimang game kaya hindi na masyadong nakakatakot, tapos yung mga kalaban mga taong nagmumutate, tapos yung partner mo na A.I. Artificial Stupidity dapat ang itawag.

Eto na daw yung pinakamatalino sabi sa files? Magnum lang ang katapat.

Eto na daw yung pinakamatalino sabi sa files? Magnum lang ang katapat.

Nung nirelease naman yung Operation Raccoon City (actually hindi ko pa natatry tong isa na to), dun na parang nawalan ng pag-asa yung mga fans. Ang baba ng metascore ng ORC, at ang anghang ng mga reviews dito.
Takot na ang marami sa kakalabasan ng Resident Evil 6, pero ako inabangan ko ang laro na yun. Sabi nila 600+ developers daw ang kasama sa project na yun kaya magiging maayos ang laro. Okay naman ba? Here are my thoughts in bullet form:

  • Production values are definitely high
  • No camera issues for me. Camera angling during cutscenes are interesting and increase tension. There are some moments when camera is not over-the-shoulder and looks a bit like the first three games.
  • Leon’s Campaign is really good. Dark, scary, zombies, awesome boss fight.
  • Chris’ Campaign was more trigger-happy, like Resident Evil 5.
  • Jake’s Campaign is my second favorite campaign after Leon’s. Jake Muller is a likeable character, a martial artist, but the ending…
  • Ada’s Campaign is the only solo campaign. The Crossbow is my fave weapon in the whole game.
  • Puzzles are too easy.
  • Enemy design is good.
  • Sound design good and the music is fine.
  • You will never get stuck because of the guide mechanic. Good for newbie players but takes away some of the challenge.
  • Surplus of ammo. (Scarcity of ammo was once a trademark of the early RE games)
  • Only a few minor glitches found.
  • Graphics are not THAT good. Facial expressions aren’t realistic. Lips are sometimes not synced with the dialogue.
  • No CGI cutscenes. Expect a lot of annoying QTEs.
  • The story as a whole, is very confusing if you don’t pay attention.
  • Game is worth at least 20 hours without multiplayer.
  • Multiple playthroughs encouraged because each of the seven characters have something unique.
  • Hunting for Serpent Emblems is challenging.
  • You can play as an enemy in multiplayer, although it may or may not suck.

Ayan. Actually hindi ko naplatinum yung laro kasi tamad ako mangplatinum ng games eh. Pero nagustuhan ko naman yung game overall.

Siguro sa mga fans, yung kay Leon na campaign lang ang nagustuhan kasi yun ang pinakamalapit sa survival horror, pero maganda rin naman yung ibang campaign kung tutuusin. Sayang pa rin kasi simula nung nalaro ko yung Dead Space eh nahilig na ko sa survival horror games. Siguro try ko na lang maglaro sa PC nung mga naunang RE games pag may nahanap ako.

Ikaw ano masasabi mo sa Resident Evil 6?

May parang ganito akong picture na kumalat sa facebook...

May parang ganito akong picture na kumalat sa facebook…