Grand Theft Auto 4 Review

I’ve had a wild ride through Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto 4. Wasted a lot of bullets, wasted a lot of cars, wasted myself a few times while trying to go on a mission without some body armor or a trusty RPG. There are a lot of sandbox games out there and Grand Theft Auto is probably the most popular. The map is so huge that I find myself frequently riding cabs on my way to a mafia family or to a friend who has invited me to go on a Heli ride. While being known for putting you in the shoes of a criminal, the game has a story that will make you want to rush to the ending, then make you feel sad after the credits roll because you know that that’s the end of it. It’s the same feeling you get after the end of a really awesome movie, but after spending 50+ or more hours in this game, the impact is just stronger.